January 2, 2016

The 2015 That Wasn't

This is literally everything I managed to complete in 2015 (it ain't much)-

A "1-hour" (hahahahahhaha) 1920s dress that was so
awful, I have no photos from the shoulders down.
Marsh Corset worn steampunked out
Remake of the Marsh pattern with added 3rd
bust gore, more hip room and revamped back
Crocheted miser's purse.  That only took two or three years...
Stuffed whales for nephew
Spoonflower pleated skirt.
Redo of the lattice gown bodice; TBD a third
time because I don't like how it turned out
Reconstructed the ugly ass day bodice
from the Polka Dot Dress into an evening
bodice; still unfinished but it's wearable!
Skirt for the Christmas tree

And fully half of those were items started or remade from previous years.  2016, we have to do better.


  1. As someone who doesn't like to make underwear, I say the beautifully fitted corsets count as 3 projects each.

    1. Haha, but underwear is what I'm most comfy making! Wait, that sounded weird...

  2. Your three-gore version of the Marsh corset is my dream corset! It may not seem like you did much, but everything you made looks beautiful. 2015 was kind of a bum year for me, too. Crossed fingers that these next 12 months are better!

  3. If you ask me, that's quite a lot! Loved those stuffed whales, btw :-)

  4. That's still more than I did haha! I love that three gored corset, by the way. Lovely!

  5. The corsets look fantastic!

    And this is a very relatable post because I also feel like I barely sewed anything in 2015.

    1. Thank you! May 2016 be more productive for us both :)


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