September 22, 2013

I Like Big Hats & I Cannot Lie

The house is only half unpacked, but deadlines loom!  While I won't have time to blog everything I'm making over the next two weeks as I frantically sew, I'll probably be able to post a few quick pics as I go, then follow up later with more in-depth posting.  Since I've got a few free moments, here's what I've got so far.

Silliness in class!

To kick things off, I started with one item that was almost done so that I could feel like I was making some progress.  I started this bonnet almost two months ago in a GBACG workshop taught by Lynn McMasters.  BTW, the GBACG classes are awesome, and if you aren't checking them out you are missing a whole lot of awesome.

Covering the crown edge.
The hat is Lynn's newest Regency Bonnet Pattern, using the large brim.  While I've made buckram hats before, I learned a TON of new tips and tricks from Lynn that I'd never have figured out otherwise.

Mulling the brim and crown.

I chose a beautiful blue and gold cross woven silk taffeta for the main fabric, with a VIVID orange and gold cross woven silk taffeta for the ties.  While beautiful, the fabric is a total bitch to work with.  It shows every wrinkle and crease, and because of the two-toned weave you can't even get a pin near it without leaving very obvious marks.  I had to be careful to make sure that all the pinning and stitching was done in areas that would be covered!

Class was a blast (I love sewing in groups) but of course we weren't able to finish our hats in just one day.  I got as far as assembling the crown and brim separately, covering them in mull and getting the blue silk on.  That alone was a lot of work!

My progress by the end of class.

The above photo is where I started yesterday.  All I had to do was put bias trim on the edge of the brim, attach the brim to the crown, and make the hatband and ties.

Fitting the band.

The bias binding on the edge gave me fits.  I'll likely redo it later, with some sort of crazy vivid trim.  It still needs some froof added in the form of feathers and other adornments, but it's wearable, and that's what counts.

Binding issues aside, I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  Now to create the rest of the outfit to wear with it!

Edited to Add - I forgot to mention that this is my entry for Trystan's awesome Accessorizing Head-to-Toe Challenge.  September project is hats, and I actually finished mine before the end of the month!

September 2, 2013

Sewing Room Bliss

Almost like it was made to be right there.

I need to buckle down and complete multiple sets of clothes with looming deadlines, but there's not going to be a stitch sewn the next two weeks because I'm moving.  Despite the stress that this somewhat rushed and unplanned move will bring, I'm super happy, because LOOK AT MY NEW SEWING ROOM!!!  LOOK AT IT!!!

The lattice dress was literally the first thing I moved in and set up, just so I could take this photo.  There's much more to the room, of course, but this view is what makes it for me.  I'll happily live out of boxes for weeks, because OMG MY SEWING ROOM IS AWESOME.