April 15, 2013

But What Has It Got On Its Feetses?

What with injuries, work and general craziness I haven't been sewing a lot lately, but I have been planning up a storm!  I've got nearly all the pieces of Boyfriend's Regency wardrobe in progress, and most of the fabric and patterns for the basics of my wardrobe have been gathered and are waiting patiently in my sewing room for me.  Most everything, that is, except for shoes.

Trust Lauren to have perfect timing!  She's done it again with a beautiful pair of dyeable satin Regency slippers, complete with interior lacing loops so that they can be worn with ribbons.  She even recorded a fabulous little video showing how to dye them.

I own four pairs of American Duchess shoes (soon to be six!  *happydance*) and I can vouch for their comfort and quality.  Hell, my Astorias have braved mud and rough trails.  So get your preorder in now, and poke around the American Duchess store to see what else you've been missing.

Now the only question is... what color do I dye them?!?!


  1. But what has it got in its pocketses, eh? Not string, precious, but not nothing. Highbury Regency flats, praps?

    (Sorry. Couldn't help myself when I saw your title.)


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