July 31, 2012

One Week...

...to sew an entire day dress.  I'm two tiers in and furiously gathering the third.  My sewing machine and I are squatting in the conference room at work right now because I can't find the floor, table, ironing board or anything else in the disaster zone that is my sewing room.  I'm taking photos like mad and I'll write the whole thing up when I'm done and have a moment to breathe, but for the meantime here's my progress.

I have a weakness for squeezing as many yards of fabric into my skirt tiers as possible.

The fabric is a sweet lightweight cotton with little blue/gray dots all over it.  Best of all, it's WASHABLE.  I love my silks and all, but sometimes you want a dress you can unceremoniously dump in the washing machine and not worry over.  Given that this will make its debut at a picnic (grass, dirt, spilled food) I think I chose well :)