October 3, 2012

Excuses, Awards and Teasers

I haven't sewn a thing for myself in a while, because this is what my sewing room looks like:

Mind you, that's after I removed the ironing table, two mannequins and a vintage treadle machine.  Sigh.  I'm going to wade in and start shoveling right after I post this, but first a few other tidbits.

The lovely Angela of The Merry Dressmaker has awarded me the Liebster Blog Award!  This award is meant to shine a light and show some love to awesome blogs with smaller followings that you might not have heard of yet.

Rules as follows:

a) Add the award icon to your blog! (Check)
b) Link to your awarder to say "Thank You" (Check)

c) And most importantly, award/present five (5) of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers with the award! 
(Yup, on it)

I'm cheating a bit, as one of my choices is the same as hers, and another just got the award today from someone else, but rules are made to be broken!  So without further ado...

Serendipitous Stitchery- My dear Miss Waterman makes drop dead gorgeous Regency stuff.  She's also awesome and snarky and I love her.  Hey Waterman, post more!  (I know, pot, kettle, black)

The Pragmatic Costumer- Someone beat me to it, but I've just fallen in love with this blog.   She caught my eye with a fabulous post that every beginner costumer should read, then reeled me in with a post on how wearing a corset affects your body and silhouette that made me want to link to it all over teh interwebs.

Life is too short for normal clothes- She's making a repro of THAT dress from THAT portrait of Eleanor of Toledo.  Now that's my kind of crazy.

Idlewild IllustrĂ©- I just happened upon this one recently.  I love her Titanic gown, and she does some lovely paintings as well.

Idle Hands-  Cheating, as she was awarded in the same round as me (SHHHHH).  I've been stalking this blog for the lowdown on recovering parasols.  With a few more posts, I miiiight be brave enough to tackle it!

Ladies, I'm not holding you to the whole pass it along thing; I'm just happy to share some great blogs!

And finally, there's fabulous news ahead for those of you in need of some custom hoops for Halloween or Dickens.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hewps? Custom hewps? Add me to that list...another thing I prefer to purchase rather than make...

  2. LOL! Your room looks just like mine. :)
    Thank you for nominating my blog. Being re-Liebstered is an honor!

    1. You're welcome, it was well deserved!

      I've finally got the room clean; now let's see how long it lasts!


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