April 6, 2015

Completed Marsh Corset

Woohoo!  The second article is published!  I think the combo of leather and coutil turned out pretty great.

If you subscribe to Foundations Revealed, go take a look at the making of the final 1878 Marsh Patent Corset.  If not, here's some of my favorite articles on the site; take a look and see if a subscription looks more interesting!  (Some are viewable for free, others you'll need to subscribe to access).  If you'd like to subscribe, please use my affiliate link here!

Y&N Diagonally Seamed Corset, Part 1 and Part 2 
Laura's Jelly Fitting Method (shows how to create realistic squishy boobs for your mannequin)
Matching Stripes in Corsetry (Ah-MAZ-ing)
A whole series of courses on bra making
CAD: Corsets are Digitized
Hats and Bonnets from Modern Hats
Draft Your Own Corset Pattern


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