January 5, 2014

Lame Tease of a Post

Research is afoot.  That's all you get for now ;)


  1. This IS a horrible tease of a post, but omg, you're researching/working with one of my absolute favorite time periods! Really looking forward to seeing where you're going with this! :)

  2. Hem. I'm a person who randomly saw this off of someone else's blog, and Pinterest, probably. The whole costume community is like a web within the Web. I am an Amorette who hangs around the Sewing Academy, if you've heard of it.

    Could you tell me what the books are in the photo (I know the upper right corner one, but not the rest)? I am very interested in finding patterns and information on historical corsets.

    1. The internet sewing community is a pretty amazing web, isn't it?
      Top left- The KCI Fashion book
      Top right- Costume in Detail
      Middle left- Jill Salen's Corsets
      Middle right- Fashioning Fashion
      Bottom left- Waisted Efforts
      Bottom right- Corset & Crinolines
      I find that Corsets, Waisted Efforts and Corsets & Crinolines are the ones that talk in detail about corsets, while the rest are more involved with overall fashion.


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