November 10, 2012

Halfway There

I'd hoped to be done with the new corset tonight, but given the rather small amount of time I've had to work on it I'd say I'm lucky to have gotten as far as I have. 

I've got the main assembly finished, and I've got about half of the boning channels stitched.  I still have to sew the rest of the boning channels, cut/tip/insert the boning, apply the binding, set the grommets and add some lace at the top.  Eventually I'll do some flossing, but something tells me that with a little more than a week 'till final dress and no actual dress started yet, flossing is the last thing on the to be done list!


  1. Mad skills, woman. Mad skills. Makes me realize I hella need to make a new Victorian corset soon...

    1. ooh are you going to use the pattern I gave you or try to custom draft one?


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