November 8, 2012

Fine Coutil and New Corset

I am still finishing up the details on my repro drawers pattern and instructions, but in the meantime I've fallen head over heels into the Oh Crap Dickens is Around the Corner and I Haven't Finished Anything Yet freakout.  One of the things on this years list of to-dos is a new corset, so that's what I'm up to tonight.  I spent an hour at work using the laser to cut out all the pieces, and now it's time to get sewin'!

Fun/pretty cotton fabric for lining is mandatory in my sewing room!

I'm using a BEAUTIFUL pale blue German coutil from Farthingales.  It's so light and thin, but incredibly dense and strong at the same time.  The herringbone pattern is the finest I've ever seen! 

Dime included for scale.  Look how tiny the herringbone weave is!!!

I can't wait to see how this stuff handles.  With luck, I'll be done by tomorrow night and able to start breaking it in at workshops this weekend.


  1. What pattern are you using for the corset? I'm looking for a good pattern to make my first corset with.

  2. I've drafted the pattern from scratch using this free tutorial here -
    I have heavily altered the draft though, so this isn't a good representation of what you get straight from the tutorial.


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