March 8, 2012

Diagonal Seamed Corset and Awesome Freebies!


I haven't featured this corset here before, but some of you may have spied parts of it in photos of other items on this blog.   It's not made of striped fabric; the corset is diagonally seamed and each stripe is a different piece of fabric!


I wouldn't have had the slightest clue how to create the pattern for this if it wasn't for an amazing two part article by Katarina Vukšić on Foundation Revealed: The Corset Maker's Companion  (affiliate link).

Double yikes.

The best part is that the first article is now free for everyone!  Check it out here.  You should read it even if you're not planning to make a diagonally seamed corset, as the techniques she goes over are applicable to a wide range of projects.  Don't forget to take a look at the other free articles available, and consider becoming a paid member for access to lots more.  

 It takes a while to start being recognizable as a corset!  (Don't mind that weird zigzag stitch; it got removed later)

I'm planning to make another one of these one day soon.  It will have a slightly different shape and stripe pattern.  What color combo should I go for?

I think I like the back even more than the front!

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  1. How gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the shape of this corset, and the diagonal seams are fabulous! I may have to try my hand at something similar. :D


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