September 29, 2011

Since Every Costume Blog Seems to Have One...

Well chickadees, I've got to run off for a few days to party with the family and celebrate a wedding.  I promise to show you how to put together your hoops when I get back, but until then I leave you with Marcel. 


  1. Awww! Marcel is so cute! And doesn't look half mad about wearing a tutu!

  2. He's a total doll of a cat, super snuggly and lovey!

  3. Hey, it's Jessica here :)

    I've been following your directions and it's going very nicely so far. One question: how do clamp down the connectors on the wire? I've got a vise grip clamps/pliers but it's going really slowly and the connection doesn't feel very secure.

  4. Hey you! Glad to hear it's going well! Huh, lets see if I can explain how I clamp the darn things...

    Once I've gotten the connector where I want it, I use pliers to clamp the longer flap as flat as I can against the hoop. (so I'm squishing the front and back together) Then I rotate my pliers and squish the connector so that it fits snugly against the top and bottom edge of the hoop. Usually this causes the shorter flap of the connector to move so that it mostly covers that longer flap that you clamp first. I then clamp that flap flat against the hoop, and it's snug as a bug. Clear as mud, eh? If it's not too late when I see you at rehearsal tomorrow I'll see if I can do a better job of explaining! Oh, and I find that medical tape (the kind that's like tape made of fabric) is great to use to join the hoops pre-clamping. It's got a bit of squish to it and the connectors grip it well.


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