August 29, 2011

What Happens When I Go Antiquing With Mom...

I snagged a late Victorian jacket/bodice, three pairs of gloves, three hankies, some lace and 
a kitchen tool for edging ravioli.  The trio of sewing machines were an added bonus from my mother.

I brought home three new (to me, obviously) sewing machines yesterday.  My mom insisted on buying me the New Home treadle machine when I mentioned I really wanted a treadle, and who was I to say no?  As often happens when shopping with my mom, we ended up with free stuff with our purchase- the lady threw in a Jones treadle that lost its wrought iron base to an accident and a Singer hand crank in a traveling case.  The Singer just needs some light cleaning to be ready to sew, so I'm spending the next day prettying her up so I can do some work on her.  I can't wait to use it!  The other two require slightly more TLC and a part or two (the Jones needs a new base and I need to find a shuttle for the New Home and replace the belt) so it will be a short while before I get them up and running.  I now have FOUR vintage cast iron sewing machines.  My boyfriend is gonna kill me :P


  1. Now showing at the DeAngelo Museum of Costume and Sewing.........

    WOW what a haul! Give us a post on that 1890s jacket, too, pls.

  2. Lol I know right? Curtis is already worried I'm going to outgrow the sewing room!

    I'm totally doing a post on the jacket as soon as I get a chance to pore over it in detail. One of these days I might even duplicate it, though we don't get much call for late Victorian here.

  3. Don't feel bad about having 4 vintage sewing machines. Peter lappin of Male Pattern Boldness has twelve. Twelve!

    Next to that, four is a perfectly reasonable number. One can never have too many antiques.


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