March 3, 2016

Don't sew after midnight

See the mistake?

How about now?

Yeah, that's my combo facing/hem support pinned wrong sides to wrong sides with the skirt. Sewed all the way around before realizing it. 

I'm being an adult and allowing myself to let this one go for a few days. I will not completely drain myself struggling to finish the skirt and the as yet un-started bodice in the very little amount of time left before the ball. I'm going to have a nice bit of dinner, snuggle the cats, and watch a comedy or read a book.

I will wear something else to PEERS on Saturday, and will not bemoan my lack of a train or ginormous poofy sleeves. I'll tackle the gown again starting Monday, and will have time to finish it at a far more leisurely pace before the Rite of Spring Ball.

This is progress, yes?


  1. Take your time! You have many other beautiful dresses which would love another outing!

  2. Can't say I've never done sort of thing before!

    What sort of facing is it? Canvas?

    1. It's a sort of super lightweight buckram; I think they actually call it crinoline. I'm using it like you would use horsehair braid to give body to the hem of the skirt. I might see if I can find 6" horsehair instead though, as I wasn't fond of the way this behaved on the bias.


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