May 3, 2015

Lattice Gown Revisited

Remember this old thing?

After 6 years (and a lot of butter, bread and cookies) the bodice to the Lattice Gown doesn't quite fit anymore.  I have a little bit of each of the original fabrics squirreled away, and with very careful design and perhaps some piecing, it might be possible to make a new one. 

Question is, what should the new bodice look like?  Should the lattice design from the skirt be echoed in the top?  Where, and how?  Should it include the evil gauze of evil? 

The fashion plate I based my skirt on.

The original fashion plate that inspired my skirt (above) has the latticework across the bertha of the bodice.  It didn't strike me as something I liked at the time, but now... maybe?

October fashions, 1837 France,
Journal des Dames et des Modes

I found this green dress while researching for my Romantic Era Gown.  I like the idea of a relatively simple lattice front, though the sleeves are too early era for my elliptically-shaped skirt.

I might split the difference between the green romantic dress and this one.  I'm not digging the tassels, but the shape and design is well within the right era, and I like the look of the lattice work.


  1. LOVE the lattice work! And there's nothing like a little center front interest to align the eye... If you get the drift. As to sleeves, those low on the shoulder puff ones might work, and not have to be made of the same fabric... Maybe made of whatever's under the front lattice work?
    Great project and good luck!!
    Nancy N

  2. What a pity that you have to change it, but just imagine all the new pretty ideas you can now work into it! I love the second latice work better (same as you), but would ditch the tassels. maybe add some more silk flowers to the bodice instead? And on a green base instead of the White one?

  3. I think lattice in the bodice would be really pretty. I like the lattice on the green gown and the sleeves minus tassels on the last picture.

  4. Oh! I saw a picture of this with a modified bodice from Costume College last year? I was stunned with how beautiful it was. Grateful to have found your blog today to see how this was made.

    1. Much thanks! Even now, I'm not a super huge fan of how the remade bodice turned out, and I might do it a third time. (Yes, I am nuts)


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